State Agency Steps Up Elevator Enforcement

State Agency Steps Up Elevator Enforcement

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) announced it is tightening enforcement on the “firefighters emergency operation” safety feature for all elevators in Texas.

While the actual requirements have not changed since 1993, beginning on September 1, 2012, TDLR will take a non-compliant elevator out of service completely instead of citing the building owner.

Texas regulations require all elevators to have a firefighters emergency operation safety feature to prevent passengers from riding an elevator during a fire, to prevent the elevator from being called to or going to a floor with a fire, to provide firefighters a means to move equipment and personnel during an emergency, and to provide emergency personnel a means to evacuate people from the upper floors of a building during an emergency.

HATC recommends that all lodging operators check with their elevator service providers before September 1st to ensure compliance with this important safety requirement.


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