HATC offers the opportunity for scholarships to our  future leaders in the hospitality industry.  As we grow our scholarship fund, we are hoping to build our collegiate partnerships and increase the number of student applications.  One of our favorite scholarships, presented by our friends at the Texas Hotel & Lodging Association,  is for the Short Course held at the University of Houston each year.  Every year, HATC sends six local members through the short course program.  This great program has been in place for 65 years.

Beyond this opportunity, we have built partnerships with local high schools and colleges in  Tarrant County that offer hospitality programs.  We can be a part of their journey as they step out of the collegiate world and begin their hospitality careers.

The following is from the Tarrant County College Foundation on their process for finalizing the recipients of all scholarships awarded.

” The educational file of each named recipient is reviewed to ensure all criteria for the scholarship to be received is being met (i.e., student is enrolled in the number of requisite hours for the next semester, etc.).

Each named recipient is notified of their selection as the recipient of the scholarship and provided with a form they are asked to sign and return to TCC Foundation indicating their (a)intent to accept the award and abide by all scholarship criteria set forth, or (b) need to decline the award due to any number of circumstances (deciding to transfer to a four-year university; determination to sit out the upcoming semester; a change in their field of studies that differs from the specified field of studies outlines in the scholarship, etc.).

If a scholarship is declined, named alternates are screened for eligibility and are contacted to determine their acceptance/declination of the award.

When all scholarships have been accepted by either the originally named recipient or by a qualified alternate, donors of named/endowed scholarships are notified.  The opportunity to meet the recipient(s) of your scholarship is provided at the TCC Foundation’s Scholarship Dinner each semester.

The process is very thorough–checked and double-checked–and takes much time.  The respect the TCC Foundation staff maintains for each scholarship administered drives the detailed process to ensure that a correctly qualified candidate has been selected for each scholarship to be awarded.”


Excerpts from letters from recipients of 2011 HATC Scholarships to Tarrant Community College:

“I would like to send my sincere appreciation for the opportunities you have granted me with this scholarship.  This scholarship means that I will be able to pursue my dreams in getting my Associate of applied Science Degree in Hospitality Management.

Prior to returning to school, I…was the coordinator of the local and out-of-state conventions for my company.  I quickly found out that this was a true passion of mine, working with different hotels and convention centers, coordinating all aspects of the functions.  Once I lost my job due to several mergers, I decided to go back to school and obtain a degree in Hospitality Management to pursue this passion.  My goal is to become a Food and Beverage Manager of a major hotel.  This scholarship will help me to obtain this goal…”

Nelda Carmichael


“I would like to…thank you and let you know how grateful I am to have received this scholarship.  This scholarship will be of great assistance in obtaining my educational goals and allowing me to focus on my career path in the Hospitality Management Industry.  In addition, your generosity gives others the change to continue their education and also sets an example for individuals to continue assisting people that might be in need.  Once again, thank you very much and I really appreciate this opportunity.”

Jesse De Leon


“I would like to express my most sincere thank you for granting me this scholarship award.  I appreciate you assistance and I am grateful for the opportunity provided to reach my educational goals through your financial support.

You have afforded me the funding to purchase supplies, tools and equipment necessary to enhance my class performance/achievements.  The ability to focus more on improving my grades will be a direct result of your assistance.

Your investment in me will prove to be a great one.  I will make you proud and your investment will gain positive results as I obtain my Hospitality Management Degree at Tarrant County College SE.”

Sandra Jackson