The Hotel Association of Tarrant County has been a dignitary of the hospitality industry for more than 25 years with the purpose of advocating for our members through idea exchange, community involvement, government affairs and continued education while giving a voice to our members no matter how big or how small.

In short, we bring value to our members and to the industry by

  • giving our members a voice not only in the hospitality community but in our association to help us enhance the services that we provide to them
  • offering an inclusive association that welcomes members from all hospitality disciplines, of all hotel sizes, and encouraging collaborative partnerships
  • being a fun, amicable, warm association whose members feel a part of the process and a kinship with their fellow members
  • giving our members an outlet to literally make a difference in their industry and impact growth and change in the local hospitality community
  • making our resources widely available to our members and allowing them to leverage these tools to positively impact their businesses
  • being outreach centric, communicating opportunities in employment, legislation and other activities that directly impact their business
  • being willing to invest the time and resources that it takes to take our organization to the next level and to bring more value to our members
  • being committed to our members by embracing hospitality trends, industry changes and industry collaborations that impact our member growth and development