Hotel/Company: Hilton Garden Inn Arlington South
Who to submit Resumes to: General Manager-DeAnna Hendrix
Phone #: 817-557-8233

Open Position: Catering/Sales Manager & Guest Service Manager

Catering/Sales Manager
Essential Functions:
• Maintain high standards of personal appearance and grooming, which include compliance with the Lowen Hospitality dress code and wearing name tag when working (per brand standards).
• Comply at all times with Lowen Hospitality standards and regulations to encourage safe and efficient hotel operations.
• Comply with attainment of individual booking goals.
• Finalize all banquet/meeting details for sales bookings.
• Maintain and solicit sales files for repeat catering business.
• Maintain communication between all departments regarding customer requirements for catering and meeting business.
• Complete B.E.O.’s for all meeting room functions/catering functions according to Lowen  Hospitality S.O.P.’s.
• Assist Food & Beverage Manager when necessary in supervision of banquet personnel to ensure group/catering functions are coordinated in a timely fashion.
• Ensure that the Daily Event List, B.E.O./Guarantee Sheet and Ten Day Event Schedule are generated on a timely basis and ensure accuracy.
• Maintain regular compliance of meeting set call goals.

• College course work in related field helpful.
• Must be proficient with Windows operating systems
• Experience in a hotel or a related field preferred.
• Must be able to convey information and ideas clearly.
• Must work well in stressful, high pressure situations.

Guest Service Manager
Essential Functions:
• Must be available to work PM and weekend shifts
• Passion and commitment to the business at an ownership level
• Oversee Guest Services to inspire loyalty and maximize profitability
• Participate in community and industry organizations as the hotel representative
• Manage guest relations in the most positive and effective manner
• Ensure compliance with brand standards as well as Lowen Hospitality standards and procedures
• Ensure that all department associates maintain hotel cleanliness, maintenance and asset management
• Maintain effective and open communication
• Foster teamwork
• Must possess high energy, professionalism and confidence every day and in every way
• Be a highly motivated and enthusiastic leader
• Conduct Lowen Hospitality required daily and weekly meetings with enthusiasm and commitment to success
• Train department associates to deliver the highest performance
• Timely execution of associate evaluations
• Must be capable to successfully prioritize, delegate, organize and multi-task
• Must be compliant of brand standards and Lowen Hospitality standards and procedures
• Must be able to analyze monthly P&L for ongoing control of expenses and maximization of revenue
• Train all personnel to deliver the best product at the highest brand and procedural standards
• Proactively monitor guest satisfaction and effectively increase scores in each area
• Interact positively with customers and take action to resolve issues to maintain high guest satisfaction
• Comply with attendance rules and be available to work on a regular basis
• Effectively create a weekly schedule that reflects the occupancy for effective cost control
• Must be able to conduct daily business with integrity and be ethical at all times
• Must comply with security controls for cash and shift drops
• Assists Front Desk as needed with unresolved issues which arise and takes a hands-on approach
• Reviews pass-on log and security log for issues which need action
• Performs the function of “manager on duty” and is the first point of contact for any issues that arise
• Continuously evaluates the work performance of Front Desk Staff and provides ongoing coaching
• Operational knowledge of reservation and national sales process
• Ensure approved uniforms are being worn at all times with nametags
• Must maintain a safe working environment through ongoing compliance of safety guidelines
•Treat guests, associates, vendors and co-workers with professionalism and respect at all times
• Ensure emergency procedures are understood by all through ongoing training and documentation
• Must be able to coach and counsel and provide clear and concise direction
• Be able to work well under pressure and meet or beat deadlines
• Written and verbal communication skills
• Microsoft Word and Excel

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