Hotel/Company:      Hampton Inn and Suites Fort Worth I30 West
Who to submit Resumes to: Iris Pineiro
Email: Phone:    817-732-0639
Job Title: Sales Coordinator
Date Created: 01/26/2017
Supervisor Title:     Area Director of Sales

Essential Functions:


  • Acts as a liaison between the hotel and the client by negotiating and generating contracts and being the contact for any leisure activity, including but not limited to SMERF, association, sports tournaments, and/or other group functions
  • Actively engages in sales and promotion of the facility, to include but not limited to making cold calls, scheduling and making sales appointments, distributing promotional collateral, making property sales presentations and joining and participating in local organizations and events
    Plans new promotions and initiatives and contributes to business development
  • Keeps abreast of trends and developments in the industry, such as menus, consumer tastes, management issues and competitor offerings, implementing changes as needed to maintain and/or increase share and subsequent revenues
  • Develops and maintains a list of service providers for use by clients, i.e. limousine companies, photographers, florists, etc.
  • Assists in marketing and sales efforts
  • Responsible for setting up group contracts and room blocks
  • Responsible for social media postings
  • Maintains an appropriate level of community and public affairs involvement;
  • Any other sales related activity as directed

 Maintains financial and administrative records

  • Lead and conduct tours of hotel when needed
  • Implements, communicates and enforces to personnel all standards and expectations of the Company and the franchising agency
  • Practices, implements and enforces employee safe-work practices
  • Assists in ensuring and monitoring daily hygiene and work practices in both service and production throughout the hotel
  • Resolves guest complaints to the satisfaction of the customer
  • Maintains a thorough working knowledge of the property management computer system
  • Strives to be innovative in new programs designed to eliminate waste and increase productivity
  • Documents all on-property accidents and/or incidents, whether involving employees or guests
  • Assures the proper storage of meeting space supplies and materials
  • Ensures the safety and security of guests and employees
  • Promotes and supports the facility and Company policy and procedures
  • Performs any other duty required by the property owner, general manager or operations director
  • Strives to maintain a professional, business appearance and attitude
  • Identifies and encourages the proper tracking of various market segments
  • Works any front desk shift as needed
  • Interacts with customers whenever involved with “front of the house” work
  • Treats all employees and guests with dignity and respect
  • Any other management related activity as directed

 Attire must be professional at all times, see Uniform Policy and Agreement for more details.

  • Other Duties as assigned


Internal: Maintenance: to relay needs for service and direct daily tasks.

Front Desk: to communicate meeting and event details, thus

maintaining service standards and maximizing revenues.

Housekeeping: to maintain service standards and direct daily tasks.

Accounting: to oversee the proper collection of funds and to

strengthen relationships with various business patrons.

Sales Director: to assist in marketing efforts and to coordinate

individual, group, banquet and/or meeting room bookings.

Food and Beverage Manager: to communicate, schedule and

coordinate / plan details of food and beverage needs for any

group, meeting and/or banquet.

Operations Director / Owners / GM / VP, Sales: to understand

financial needs and abilities; to receive direction and

communicate shared goals and ideas.

VP, E-Commerce and Public Relations: to share promotional ideas

and assist in the development of collateral sales material,

both printed and electronic; to coordinate speaking

engagements and/or presentations to organizations and



Education / Experience:

High school diploma or GED; Previous sales and events management experience; prior hotel/motel employment preferred. Speak / write / read English clearly; Basic reading, writing and math skills.

Skills: Sales and Marketing Skills
Organizational skills
Leadership skills
Interpersonal skills
Telephone skills
Typing / Computer Aptitude


The major responsibility in this position is to lead, direct and oversee all operations, sales and coordination of banquets, meetings and events on a daily basis. The goal is to satisfy the guest, providing a variety of services to help make his/her experiences both comfortable and memorable.

A vast majority of the workday is spent interacting with others, including guests and personnel. This requires speaking, listening and standing. A typical workday includes directing personnel to perform various tasks as well as visiting with guests about their travels, upcoming events and/or banquet and meeting experiences, both favorable and unpleasant. Therefore, this position utilizes problem solving and reasoning abilities on a daily basis.

This position involves several varying responsibilities and often requires an ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Memory, organizational, impartial reasoning and prioritizing skills are essential and used daily.